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The Origins of South African Cape Malay Cuisine

South African Cape Malay cuisine is a fusion of the culinary traditions of the Cape Malay people, who are of Southeast Asian and African ancestry, and Dutch, Portuguese, and Indian influences. The Cape Malay people are [...]

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South African Indian Curry Spice Recipe

A recipe for the Indian curry lover. Masala is the base for all Indian curries, it can be used by itself to flavour many meat, poultry or fish dishes. The ingredients are available from your local [...]

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How To Brew Rooibos Tea: The Ultimate Guide to Making the Perfect Cup

Rooibos tea is a naturally caffeine free herbal tea that has been enjoyed for generations in South Africa. It has a sweet, earthy flavor with notes of pine and citrus. The reason it’s so popular is [...]

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South African Chutney: The History And The Story Behind The Popular Condiment

Chutney as a condiment has its origins in India and was used as a complement to curries. It came to South Africa with the Indian sugar cane workers but was made a household staple by Mrs. [...]

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South African Biltong

Many Tastes and Flavours A Brief History The history of dried meat and fish harks back to the days when travelling long distances took a very long time or where weather conditions made it difficult to [...]

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Welcome to Sedo Snax New Website

We have finally brought Sedo Snax into the 21st century with a brand new state-of-the-art website.  You will be able to order a selection of your favourite South African products and have them delivered anywhere in [...]


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