A replacement or refund may be issued if:

  • If the item arrives damaged
  • The customer receives the incorrect product
  • No returns or refunds on any item that is returned more than 7 days after delivery
  • No returns or refunds on any item that has been opened or in some way tampered with
  • The product/s received is/are past the “Best-Before” date (and you have not been apprised of the fact)


  • If your order has already been sent, no refunds will be issued.
  • If a customer returns the order to us(unopened) and all the products are in good order. We do not refund the return shipping charges paid by the customer. We will issue a refund less the shipping and payment processing(Stripe) charges.**
  • No refund will be issued for any order that is returned more than 10 days after delivery
  • If the customer has placed an order and it has not yet been sent, they may cancel it. A refund will be issued less the payment processing fee(Stripe)**
  • Not all products can be returned (eg personal use items)
  • It can take 3-7 days for the refund to be processed (by Stripe)

**Our payment processing company is Stripe ( and they charge us a non-refundable fee on every transaction made.

Please call or email us before returning any products or orders.